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You can access and use the Patient Portal on your computer or mobile
device if you have an active account with a username and password. You
do not need create a new account to access the Patient Portal on your
mobile devices if you have an active account.

You can book appointments online using the Patient Portal. You can also
send us an appointment request if you are unable to book an appointment.

Yes, you can cancel your booked appointments at any time from the
portal. To cancel a booked appointment, from the My Appointments page,
open the appointment you want to cancel, and then click “Cancel This

You can send a request to renew active medications from the Patient
Portal. Your provider must approve the medication renewal request. You
will receive a message informing you that your provider has approved and
refilled your medication (if approved).

You can view statements and make payments. When an electronic copy of
a statement is uploaded to your account, you will receive an email
notification indicating a statement is available.
Only the current balance is payable on the Patient Portal. You can make
multiple payments against the current balance. If you have a pending
payment that you cannot pay online, you should contact us and request a
new statement. If your statements are overdue, contact us to resend the

The system is secure. No one else can access your account unless they
have your username and password. You must always create a strong
password with a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters for
your account. It is recommended that you completely log off from the
portal every time you finish using the portal. If anyone else tries to access
your account with an incorrect username or password, the system will lock
your account after four invalid attempts.

You can retrieve your username by clicking “Need help with your
username and password?” on the log on page. You must click “I’m having
problems signing in” and enter your personal information. You will
receive an email with a URL to reset the password after answering the
password security questions.

If you forget your password, you can reset it by entering the username and
answering the password security question. After answering the password
security question, you will receive an email with a URL to reset the
password. You can also request that we reset the password for you by
contacting Patient Portal Support.

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